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Due to high demand, current lead times are 9-12 weeks from deposit payment. We promise our loft ladders are worth the wait. 

Keep Your Loft Safe with

Loft Railings

Compliment your new loft ladder with matching loft railings. Our custom railings are constructed from the same steel and wood as your loft ladder for seamless design integration. We will match the finishes to your loft ladder. Protect those in your loft space with custom loft railings. We also offer cable railing as an affordable loft railing option. 

Custom Orders Only Starting at $1,100
– Includes Free Shipping

Affordable Steel & Cable Loft Railing

Cable Railing

Cable railing is a popular alternative to steel and wood and uses wire tension for protection and stability. Cable railing can also offer better views from your loft. Our cable railing systems come pre-assembled and are easily installed with a few screws. The cable railing systems can be customized to match your decor. Like our loft ladders, we offer free shipping on all railings.

Cable Railing between black steel supports

Custom Designed Loft Railings

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Custom Designed for a Perfect Fit

We will ask for your loft width opening measurement and design custom loft railings with space for your loft ladder. 

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Free Shipping Included

Freight shipping is included in the price of each loft railing. We ship to the continental United States and also to Canada.

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Available in 7–25′ foot Width

Each loft railing is custom designed to your exact loft opening measurements. We guarantee a perfect fit. 

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High-Quality Solid Steel Frame

Our loft railings are constructed from the same high-quality steel as our loft ladders. Powder coating finishes are available for an additional cost (suitable for lofts by the ocean). 

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Wood Features Available

Your loft railings can be customized with wood accent features to match your loft ladder and decor.

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Easy Installation

Our loft railings ladders ship fully assembled and only require a few screws for installation. 

Loft Railings Photo Gallery

Custom Steel Loft Railings

Make your Loft Space safe

Protect people in your loft space with custom steel loft railings. Loft railings serve as a safety guard against accidental falls off the loft edge.

Solid Steel Sturdy Loft Railings

Our loft ladders are crafted from the same high-quality steel as our loft ladders. We can also add special wood design features to match your loft ladder and decor.